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Verb intranzitiv

to seem, to appear, to look

Verb reflexiv

to seem, to appear

a-i părea  =  to seem to..., to appear to..., to have an impression
(a-şi închipui)  =  to imagine
î-mi pare bine ...  =  I'm glad to/that...
părea un copil  =  he looked a child
vi s-ar putea părea curios  =  it might seem strange to you, it might strike you as stran
pare deştept  =  he seems to be clever
îmi pare rău ...  =  I regret that..., I am sorry to...
îmi pare foarte rău...  =  I am very/ awfully sorry
se pare va ploua  =  it looks like rain
se pare va ploua  =  it seems that it will rain
se pare ...  =  it seems that...
a i se părea  =  v. a-i părea
cum ţi se pare?  =  what do you think/make of it?
cum ţi se pare costumul acesta?  =  how do you like this suit?
după câte mi se pare  =  as it strikes me
mi s-a părut aud un strigăt  =  I seemed to hear a cry
mi se părea visez  =  it seemed to me that I was dreaming
nu mi se pare ...  =  it does not look to me that...
nu ţi se pare ...?  =  does it not strike you that...?
pare-se  =  as it seems
ţi se pare !  =  you are mistaken, it's only an impression

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