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Verb tranzitiv
1. (o vârstă)

to o reach the age of

2. (o vârstă)

to be... (years old)

3. (o vârstă)

to have turned twenty etc.

4. (un gol)

to fill

5. (a completa)

to fill in


to complete

7. (a îndeplini)

to carry out


to achieve


to accomplish

10. (a face)

to perform

11. (a satisface)

to satisfy

12. (a satisface)

to fulfil

13. (a satisface)

to meet

Verb reflexiv
1. (a se scurge)

to pass

2. (a se scurge)

to go by

3. (a se scurge)

to elapse


to be

5. pas.

to be carried out etc.

6. (a se adeveri)

to come true

7. (a se îngrăşa)

to gain weight

8. (a se îngrăşa)

to put on weight

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