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Verb tranzitiv

to choose


to make choice of

3. (a selecta)

to select

4. (a selecta)

to pick (out)

5. (a selecta)

to single (out)

6. (a selecta)

to screen

7. (întâmplător)

to pitch upon

8. pol.

to elect

9. pol.

to vote for

10. (pt. preşedinte)

to vote into the chair

11. fig. (a cerne)

to sift

12. fig. (a cerne)

to winnow

13. (a se hotărî pentru)

to fix upon

14. (a se hotărî pentru)

to decide in favour of

15. (a lua partea)

to side with

16. (a lua partea)

to take sides with

17. (a despărţi)

to separate

18. (a despărţi)

to sever

19. (a despărţi)

to part

20. (a despărţi)

to sunder

21. (a asorta)

to sort

22. (a distinge)

to distinguish

23. (a distinge)

to discriminate

24. (a decide)

to decide

25. (a arăta)

to show (in the true light)

26. (a da la o parte)

to reject

27. (a da la o parte)

to refuse

28. (a scoate coaja)

to shell

29. (a scoate coaja)

to peel

30. (a spicui)

to glean

31. (a înţelege)

to understand

32. (a înţelege)

to make out

Verb reflexiv
1. pas.

to be chosen

2. (a se despărţi)

to separate

3. (a se decide)

to settle

4. (a deveni)

to become

5. (a ieşi la iveală)

to come out

6. (a ieşi la iveală)

to appear

7. (a rămâne)

to remain

8. (a avea ca rezultat)

to result

9. (a avea ca rezultat)

to come out

10. (a avea ca rezultat)

to have such and such a result

11. (a se desprinde)

to detach oneself

12. (a se desprinde)

to come off

13. (a se deosebi) (de)

to differ (from)

14. (a se deosebi) (de)

to be different (from)

15. chim.

to be disengaged

Verb intranzitiv

to choose

a nu avea de ales  =  to have Hobson's choice
nu aveam de ales  =  I had no (other) choice left (me)
n-ai decât alegi  =  you have only to choose
n-ai decât alegi  =  you may have your pick
a alege bine  =  to make a good choice
cine alege culege, alege până culege  =  pick and take the worst
n-o se aleagă nimic din asta pop.  =  it's of no earthly good
a se alege cu ... (a rămâne cu ...)  =  to be left with ...
a se alege cu ... (a rămâne cu ...)  =  to come off with ...
a se alege cu ... (a primi)  =  to get ...
a se alege numai cu frica  =  to come off with a mere fright
n-o se aleagă nimic din asta  =  there is nothing to be gained by it
a nu se alege cu nimic  =  to get nothing
a nu se alege cu nimic  =  to go away empty(-handed)
alege-s-ar praful din/de ...  =  confusion seize ...
alege-s-ar praful din/de ...  =  a plague upon ...
a se alege praf şi pulbere  =  to end in smoke
a se alege praf şi pulbere  =  to come to nothing
a alege adevărul de minciună poetic  =  to winnow false from true
a alege adevărul de minciună  =  to sift/discriminate truth from falsehood
a-şi alege un domiciliu  =  to choose a domicile
a-şi alege un domiciliu  =  to fix upon a place of residence
a alege pleava de grâu  =  to sift/separate/winnow the chaff from the wheat
a alege un timp nepotrivit  =  to choose/select the wrong time
a alege un timp nepotrivit  =  to come at an inconvenient hour
a alege untul  =  to churn

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