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ill, sick, diseased

2. (suferind)

afflicted, suffering, ailing

3. (fără vlagă)

infirm, broken-down, feeble

4. (care nu se simte bine)


5. (deranjat mintal)

deranged, crazy

6. (suferind)

in ill/bad/weak health, poorly

7. (suferind)

out of sorts, off colour

Substantiv masculin

invalid, patient

bolnav de inimă fig.  =  sick at heart
bolnav de nervi  =  of weak nerves, nervous, neuropathic
bolnav de plămâni vet.  =  lung-sick
a cădea bolnav (din nou)  =  to have a relapse
se preface bolnav mil.  =  he malingers
bolnav de dragoste  =  love-sick
bolnav de ficat  =  with a diseased liver
bolnav de gută  =  afflicted with gout, suffering from gout
bolnav de inimă  =  suffering from the heart
bolnav de nervi  =  unstrung (in one's nerves)
bolnav de ochi  =  suffering from the eyes
bolnav de plămâni  =  suffering from the lungs
bolnav de stomac  =  having a gastric disease
bolnav de supărare  =  ill with/through grief
bolnav trupeşte şi sufleteşte  =  diseased in mind and body
a arăta bolnav  =  to look ill
a cădea bolnav  =  to fail ill, to be taken ill
a fi bolnav  =  to be ill
se preface bolnav  =  ne shams/feigns illness, he pretends to be ill
a se simţi bolnav  =  to feel ill/queer (nu sick)

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