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Verb tranzitiv

to spoil


to mar


to impair


to injure


to damage

6. pop.

to deuce with

7. (a deteriora)

to make worse

8. (a deteriora)

to deteriorate

9. (a distruge)

to destroy

10. (a distruge)

to ruin

11. (a distruge)

to blight

12. (a distruge)

to blast

13. (ceva clădit)

to demolish

14. (ceva clădit)

to pull down

15. (prin lovituri)

to batter

16. (aerul, apa)

to batter

17. (aerul, apa)

to taint

18. (aerul, apa)

to pollute

19. (aerul, apa)

to contaminate

20. (aerul)

to vitiate

21. (a distruge)

to wreck

22. (a sparge, a sfărâma)

to break

23. (în bucăţi)

to break to pieces

24. (a desfigura)

to deface

25. (a desfigura)

to disfigure

26. (a dezorganiza)

to disorganize

27. (a frustra)

to frustrate

28. (a frustra)

to dash

29. (a frustra)

to blast

30. fig. (pe cineva)

to pervert

31. fig. (pe cineva)

to corrupt

32. fig. (pe cineva)

to deprave

33. fig. (pe cineva)

to debauch

Verb reflexiv
1. pas

to be spoil

2. pas

to v. ~ I.


to deteriorate


to go bad

5. (d. dinţi)

to decay

6. (a putrezi)

to rot

7. (moraliceşte)

to become corrupt/demoralized

8. (a nu funcţiona)

to be out of order

9. (d. ceas)

to go wrong

Verb intranzitiv
1. (a face rău)

to hurt

2. (a face rău)

to harm

3. (a face rău)

to injure

4. (a aduce prejudicii)

to prejudice

5. (a aduce prejudicii)

to be noxious/injurious

n-ar strica (ca dumneata) ...  =  it would not be amiss for you to...
ce stric eu?  =  it's not my fault
cine strică? eu stric?  =  whose fault is it? who's to blame but yourself?
politeţea nu strică niciodată  =  politeness never comes amiss
n-o să-ţi strice  =  it won't hurt you
n-o să-ţi strice  =  it won't do you harm
n-o să-ţi strice  =  you'll not be the worse for it
n-o să-ţi strice  =  you will be none the worse for it
nu-i strică  =  (it) severs him right
se strică vremea  =  we are in for a spell of bad weather
nu vrea se strice nici cu unii, nici cu alţii  =  he sits on the hedge/fence/amer. rail
nu vrea se strice nici cu unii, nici cu alţii  =  he is/rides on the fence, he is on both sides of the fenc
a se strica de râs  =  to split one's sides with laughter
şi-a stricat ceasul  =  he has put his watch out of order
asta e de ajuns ca stricetot cheful  =  it's enough to entirely spoil one's pleasure
o să-ţi strici ochii  =  you will spoil your eyes
n-o stric plăcerea  =  I won't be a spoil-game/a kill-joy
a-şi strica reputaţia  =  to compromise/injure one's reputation

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