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Substantiv masculin


Verb tranzitiv
1. (a conduce)

to lead

2. (spre o ţintă)

to guide

3. (a mâna)

to drive

4. (a purta)

to bear

5. (a căra, a avea la sine)

to carry

6. (a transporta)

to convey

7. (ceva uşor)

to take (along)

8. (pe cineva, într-un loc)

to take

9. (a suporta)

to bear

10. (a rezista)

to resist

11. (a rezista)

to support

12. (o politică etc.)

to carry on

13. (o viaţă)

to lead

14. (o viaţă)

to live

15. fig. (a înşela)

to take in

16. fig. (cu zăhărelul)

to fool

17. fig. (cu zăhărelul)

to make a fool of

Verb reflexiv
1. (a merge)

to go

2. (a pleca)

to leave

3. (a se răspândi)

to spread

4. (a se trece)

to passaway

5. (a muri)

to die

6. (a eşua)

to fail

Verb intranzitiv
1. (a rezista)

to resist

a duce la...  =  to lead to...
asta nu duce la nimic  =  that leads to nothing
asta nu duce la nimic  =  it leads nowhere
unde duce asta ?  =  what will be the result of it ?
unde duce asta ? (ce sens are ?)  =  what is the use of it ?
mare duce  =  grand duke
du-te vino  =  comings and goings
du-te vino (freamăt)  =  bustle
du-te vino (freamăt)  =  fuss
nu ştiu pe ce s-au dus banii  =  I don't know what I did with the money
nu ştiu pe ce s-au dus banii  =  I wonder on what I have spent the money
duc să-l caut  =  I'll go to find him
a se duce acasă  =  to go home
a se duce de râpă  =  to go to the dogs
a se duce de râpă  =  to go west
a se duce după apă  =  to fetch water
a se duce după târguieli  =  to go shopping
s-a dus !  =  it's gone !
a se duce pe copcă  =  to be entirely lost
a se duce pe copcă aprox.  =  you may whistle for it
du-te naibii ! du-te şi te plimbă!  =  get yourself lost !
du-te naibii ! du-te şi te plimbă !  =  why don't you get yourself lost ?
a o duce  =  to live
a o duce  =  to get on/along
a o duce la ger etc.  =  to resist frost etc.
a duce casa  =  to keep house
a duce contabilitatea  =  to do the bookkeeping
a duce o conversaţie cu cineva  =  to carry on a conversation with smb.
a duce corespondenţă cu cineva  =  to carry on a correspondence with smb.
l-am dus acasă (l-am condus)  =  I saw/escorted him home
ne-ar duce prea departe dacă...  =  it would lead us too far if...
a o duce bine  =  to be prosperous
a o duce bine  =  to get on well
a o duce bine  =  to roll in wealth
a o duce bine  =  to live/be in clover
a o duce într-un chef  =  to paint the town red
a o duce rău/prost/ca vai de lume  =  to be badly off
a o duce rău/prost/ca vai de lume  =  to be hard up
cum o duci?  =  how are you getting on/along?
cum o duci?  =  how's yourself?
a dus-o aşa doi ani  =  he went on like that for two years
a duce paharul la gură  =  to raise the glass to one's lips
a duce o viaţă retrasă  =  to lead a retired life
a duce cu zăhărelul/cobza/preşul/vorba  =  to hoodwing
a duce cu zăhărelul/cobza/preşul/vorba  =  to snow
a duce cu zăhărelul/cobza/preşul/vorba  =  to fool smb.
a duce de mână  =  to lead/take by the hand
a duce de nas  =  to lead by the nose
a duce greşit  =  to misdirect
a duce greşit  =  to misguide
a duce greşit  =  to lead astray
coşul acesta e incomod de dus  =  this basket is uncomfortable to carry

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