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Verb tranzitiv
1. (a lua afară)

to take/draw/pull out

2. (a lua afară)

to produce

3. (cu greutate)

to squeeze out

4. (a dezbrăca)

to take/get/pull off

5. (mănuşi, cizme)

to pull off

6. (a extrage)

to extract

7. (a extrage)

to get

8. (a da afară)

to throw out

9. (a alunga)

to drive out/away


to expel


to banish

12. (a produce, a creşte)

to produce

13. (a produce, a creşte)

to grow

14. (a înfăţişa)

to present

15. (a scăpa)

to deliver

16. (a scăpa)

to save

17. (a pronunţa)

to utter

18. (a publica)

to publish

19. (a publica)

to bring out

20. (a edita)

to edit

21. (în serie)

to issue

22. (a născoci)

to invent

23. (a încasa)

to cash

24. (a câştiga)

to earn

25. (a câştiga)

to get

26. (a obţine)

to obtain

27. (a obţine)

to get

28. mat. (a scădea)

to subtract

29. mat. (a scădea)

to deduct

30. mat. (a scădea)

to take

31. (a duce, a conduce)

to lead


to take

33. (a deduce)

to deduce

34. (a deduce)

to conclude

35. (a absorbi)

to absorb

36. (a absorbi)

to draw up

37. (a smulge)

to tear/pluck out

Verb reflexiv pasiv

to be taken out etc. v. ~ I

a scoate aburi  =  to emit/throw up/exhale steam
a scoate apă di puţ  =  to draw water from a well
a scoate bani (de la cineva)  =  to squeeze out money
a scoate bani de la o bancă  =  to draw money (from a bank)
a scoate bani din ...  =  to make (much) money by ...
a scoate brazde  =  to make furrows
a scoate buruienile  =  to pull up weeds
a scoate capul pe fereastră  =  to lean out of the window
a scoate capul pe fereastră  =  to put one's head out at the window
a-şi scoate cheltuielile  =  to cover one's expenses
a scoate câştigurile mari de pe urma ... (cu gen.)  =  to derive large profits from ...
a scoate coardele unei viori  =  to unstring a violin
a scoate dopul unei sticle  =  to uncork a bottle
a scoate flori  =  to grow/cultivate flowers
a-şi scoate hainele  =  to take strip off one's clothes
a scoate o înjurătură  =  to utter/swear an oath
a scoate o înjurătură grozavă  =  to rap out a terrible oath
a scoate limba (la cineva)  =  to put/stick out one's tongue (at smb.)
a-şi scoate mănuşile  =  to pull off one's gloves
a-şi scoate o măsea  =  to have a tooth (taken) out
a-şi scoate o măsea  =  to have a tooth drawn/extracted
a scoate o modă  =  to strart/set a (new) fashion
nu poţi scoate nimic de la el  =  one can draw/elicit nothing from him
a-şi scoate ochii reciproc  =  to scratch/tear one another's eyes out
a-şi scoate ochii (cu cititul)  =  to put one's eyes out
a-şi scoate pălăria  =  to take off one's hat
a scoate un pasaj (a-l tăia)  =  to strike out a passage
a scoate cuiva peri albi  =  to bother/harass/nag/plague/worry the life out of smb.
a scoate petele de pe haină  =  to take (the) spots/stains out of the coat
a-şi scoate pâinea  =  to earn a living/livelihood
a scoate pui  =  to hatch chickens
a scoate pomi hort.  =  to rear/nurse trees
a scoate punga  =  to pay up
a scoate punga  =  to loosen one's purse strings
a scoate punga  =  to shell out/up
a scoate o rădăcină pătrată mat.  =  to extract a square root
a scoate spic  =  to shoot into ears
a scoate spic  =  to ear
nu-şi scotea sufletul lucrând  =  he did not hurt/kill himself over the job
a scoate trei din cinci  =  to take three from five
a scoate un ţipăt  =  to (set upa a) scream
a nu scoate o vorbă  =  to utter no word
a scoate cu rădăcină (cu tot)  =  to pull up by the root
a scoate cu rădăcină (cu tot)  =  to uproot
a nu scoate din ...  =  to keep calling smb. ...
a scoate din casă  =  to turn smb. out (of doors)
a scoate din cuptor  =  to take out of the oven
a scoate din râu  =  to take out of the river

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