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Verb tranzitiv
1. (a calcula)

to reckon

2. (a calcula)

to calculate

3. (a aduna)

to sum/cast/total/reckon up

4. (a lua în consideraţie)

to consider

5. (a lua în consideraţie)

to take into account

6. (a examina)

to examine

7. (a chibzui)

to consider

8. (a chibzui)

to ponder (over)

9. (a chibzui)

to reflect/deliberate upon

10. (a considera)

to think

11. (a considera)

to consider

12. (a considera)

to hold

13. (a considera)

to deem

14. (a-şi închipui)

to suppose

15. (a-şi închipui)

to imagine

16. (a-şi închipui)

to guess

17. (a privi ca, a considera)

to consider/regard as

18. (a intenţiona)

to think of

19. (a intenţiona)

to intend

20. (a intenţiona)

to purpose

21. (a intenţiona)

to contemplate (cu forme In -ing)

22. (a intenţiona)

to mean

23. (a lua în consideraţie)

to take into consideration

Verb reflexiv
1. (a se răfui)

to balance/settle accounts

2. (a se gândi bine)

to think it over

3. (a se considera)

to consider oneself

4. pas.

to be reckoned etc.

Verb intranzitiv
1. (a calcula)

to calculate

2. (a calcula)

to compute

3. (a număra)

to count

a socoti o cinste ...  =  to deem/think/consider it an honour to ...
îl socotesc om de onoare  =  I think him a man of honour
fără (mai) socotim timpul  =  without counting the time
fără (mai) socotim timpul  =  not to mention the time
a socoti greşit  =  to miscalculate smth.

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