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You have searched the word « spun ». This is the derivată form for the word « spune ».


Verb tranzitiv

to say

2. (cuiva a povesti)

to tell

3. (a relata)

to relate

4. (a recita)

to recite

5. (a declara)

to say

6. (a declara)

to state

7. (a declara)

to declare

8. (a explica)

to explain

9. (a numi)

to name

10. (a numi)

to call

11. (a denunţa)

to denounce

12. (a suna)

to say

13. (a suna)

to run

Verb reflexiv pasiv

to be said

Verb intranzitiv

to say

(după) cum spune proverbul  =  as the old saw has it
(după) cum spune proverbul  =  according to the proverb
dacă pot spune astfel  =  if I may say so
dacă pot spune astfel  =  if the phrase is admissible
minţi dacă spune altfel  =  I should be a liar to speak otherwise
spune numai aşa  =  he only says so
spune numai aşa  =  it's only his way of putting it/things
spune numai aşa  =  that's only his way of speaking
spune numai aşa  =  he does not mean it
ca spunem aşa  =  so to speak
ca spunem aşa  =  to say so
ca spunem aşa  =  as it were
când/dacă îţi spun!  =  F you can take it from me!
cum îţi spun  =  do as I ask you
cum îţi spun  =  do as I would have you (to)
cum spune şhakespeare  =  as Shakespeare has it
cum spuneam  =  as I said before
cum spuneţi?  =  I beg youur pardon
cum spuneţi?  =  what did you say?
spunem 150 de lei  =  say 150 lei
mie-mi spui!  =  F don't I know it!
nu mai spune!  =  you don't mean it!
nu mai spune!  =  you don't say so!
nu mai spune! (ironic)  =  what a story!
spune şi dumneata  =  now judge (for) yourself
una e a spune, alta e a face  =  saying is one thing and doing another
una e a spune, alta e a face  =  saying and doing are two (very different) things
a trebui i se spună de mai multe ori  =  to require a good many reminders
s-ar spune ...  =  one would think that...
asta/aşa ceva nu se spune  =  that's not the proper thing to say
asta/aşa ceva nu se spune  =  it isn't said
asta/aşa ceva nu se spune  =  such things simply aren't said
se spune e surd  =  they/people say (that) he is deaf
şi totuşi se spune sânt norocos  =  and yet they say I am a lucky fellow
se spune a murit  =  he is said to be dead
se spune a murit  =  he is reported dead
se spune a progresat  =  he is said to have improved
mi s-a spus ...  =  I am/have been told that...
mi s-a spus ...  =  I hear that...
n-auzi ce ţi se spune?  =  do you hear?
mi se spune ...  =  they tell me to...
mi se spune ...  =  I am told to...
aşa mi s-a spus  =  I have been told so
n-am aşteptat mi se spună a doua oară  =  I did not wait to be told a second time
nu trebuie mi se spună de două ori  =  I need no second reminder
ţi s-a spus de o sută de ori  =  you have been told a hundred times
după cum se spune  =  as the story goes
nu se poate spune în cuvinte  =  it cannot be expressed in words
nu se poate spune în cuvinte  =  it is inexpressible
am auzit spunându-se...  =  I have heard (people) say...
a spune adevărul  =  to tell/speak the truth
a spune cuiva adevărul  =  to tell smb. what's what
asta o spui tu (eu sânt de altă părere)  =  it pleases you to say so
asta o spui tu (eu sânt de altă părere)  =  you are pleased to say so
pot spun asta şi despre noi  =  I can apply the same to us
nu vreau spun asta  =  I don't want to imply that
a spune baliverne  =  to draw the long bow
a spune bazaconii  =  to talk through one's hat
nu trebuie să-mi spui ...  =  I need not be told that...
cât pe ce spun ...  =  I wasn't far off saying that...
trebuie spun ...  =  I must admit that...
vreau spun e cam bătrân  =  I mean (to say that) he is rather old
nu vreau spun e bogat, dar totuşi...  =  he is, I shall not say (actually) rich, but still...
pot spune e urâtă  =  I might (venture to) say that/I dare say she is ugly
poţi spune eşti fericit  =  you may deem/call yourself fortunate/lucky
ce spui!  =  now really!
ce spui!  =  you don't mean it
ce spui!  =  you don't say so!
ce spui de ştiri?  =  what do you say to the news?
ce vrei spui cu (asta?)  =  what do yo mean (to convey) by that?
ce spun!  =  well, I never!
ce spun!  =  I must say!
ascultă ce-ţi spun (eu)  =  (you may) take that from me
ce voiam spun?  =  what was I going to say?
ce-o spună lumea?  =  what will people/the world/Mrs. Grundy say?
ce spune ea? (ironic)  =  what's that she is saying?
ce spune ea? (ironic)  =  what story is she telling now?
ce spune legea?  =  what does the law say (to it)?
ce spune lumea?  =  what do people say?
spune totdeauna ce gândeşte  =  he always speaks his mind/says what he means
asta e tot ce pot spune  =  that's all I can say
n-aş putea spune ce-am simţit  =  I could not describe what I felt
ce ţi-am spus rămâne între noi  =  what I have told you is (spoken) in strict confidence
acum e rândul meu spun ceva  =  it's my say now
a spune ceva la ureche (cuiva)  =  to whisper smth. in smb's ear
nu spui un cuvânt nimănui  =  you must not say a word to anybody
nu spui un cuvânt nimănui  =  you must not tell anybody (anything)
nu spui un cuvânt nimănui  =  don't tell a word of it to anyone
fără spună un cuvânt  =  without (uttering) a word
a nu spune un cuvânt  =  not to breathe a syllable
a nu spune un cuvânt  =  not to speak a word
a spune da  =  to say yes
a spune nu  =  to say no
nu vrea spună nici da, nici nu  =  he does not want to commit himself (either way)
nu vrea spună nici da, nici nu  =  he is wavering
nu se poate spune mai mult  =  a man can't say better than that
a nu spune nimic  =  to say nothing
a nu spune nimic  =  to keep still
a nu spune nimic  =  to make no comment (on smth)
asta nu spune (mai nimic  =  there is not much (meaning) in that
a spune cuiva noapte bună  =  to bid/wish smb. good night
mi-a spus:"Nu te cred  =  he said to me:"I don't believe you
s-o spun deschis...  =  in plain language...
spune-o deschis!  =  say it out plump!
am i-o spun în faţă  =  I will tell him so to his face
i-am spus-o  =  I told him (of it)
a-şi spune părerea despre ceva  =  to utter/express/give one's pinion on/about smth
a spune poveşti  =  to tell stories/tales
a spune poveşti  =  too warm up/tell old tales
a spune poveşti  =  to spin yarns
îmi spune prieten  =  he calls me his friend
vrei spui zgârcit  =  you must mean avaricious
din cele spuse reiese ...  =  from what has been mentioned it appears that...
a spune pe din afară  =  to tell by heart/rote
în treacăt fie spus  =  by the way
între noi fie spus  =  speaking confidentially
dacă avea (şi eu) un cuvânt de spun  =  if I had any say on the matter
dacă avea (şi eu) un cuvânt de spun  =  if I could have my own way
dacă avea (şi eu) un cuvânt de spun  =  if I had anything to say here
e greu de spus  =  that is hard to say
e greu de spus  =  that's a poser/puzzle
nu are nimic de spus în această chestiune  =  he has no(thing to) say in the matter
e uşor de spus  =  it is easy to say
mai uşr de spus decât de făcut  =  easier said than done

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