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Verb tranzitiv

to bring

2. (a se duce să aducă)

to fetch

3. (a se duce după)

to go for

4. (a trimite după)

to send for

5. (a duce)

to carry


to take

7. (a transporta)

to transport


to convey

9. (a produce, a da)

to bring in


to yield

11. (a rodi)

to produce


to yield


to bear

14. (a furniza)

to furnish


to supply

16. (a procura)

to get


to procure


to secure

19. (a oferi)

to offer

20. (a determina, a face)

to bring


to get


to move

23. (a cauza)

to bring on/along with

24. (a cauza)

to bring about


to cause

26. (a implica)

to involve

27. (a însoţi, a conduce)

to see (off)


to accompany

29. (a duce)

to take

30. (a strânge)

to gather


to collect

32. (a îndoi)

to bend

33. (a mânui)

to wield

34. (a rodi)

to afford

35. (a determina, a face)

to put up


to prevail upon

Verb reflexiv
1. pas.

to be brought

mi s-a adus la cunoştinţă ...  =  I was informed that...
a aduce mulţumiri  =  to express thanks
a aduce ajutoare  =  to bring (in) reinforcements
a-i aduce cuiva aminte, de(spre) ceva  =  to remind smb., of smth., to put smb. in mind of smth.
a-şi aduce aminte  =  to remember
a-şi aduce aminte  =  to recollect, to bear in mind
a aduce bucurie  =  to cause/afford joy
a aduce cinste cuiva  =  to do credit to smb.
a aduce cinste cuiva  =  to be a credit to smb.
a aduce dobândă  =  to bear/yield interest
a aduce doctorul  =  to send for the doctor
a aduce dovezi  =  to produce/adduce proofs
a aduce folos  =  to be of use/benefit
a aduce folos  =  to be beneficial/profitable
a aduce o jertfă  =  to make a sacrifice
a aduce la cunoştinţa cuiva  =  to inform/apprize smb. about smth./that...
a aduce lucrurile până acolo încât...  =  to bring matters to such a pass that...
a aduce lucrurile până acolo încât...  =  to push things to the length of...
a aduce lumină într-o chestiune  =  to throw light upon a matter
a aduce mângâiere  =  to bring/offer consolation
a aduce mângâiere  =  to (afford) comfort
a aduce nenoroc  =  to bring bad luck
a aduce cu...  =  to be like...
a aduce cu...  =  to take after...
a aduce cu...  =  to have a certain resemblance to...
a aduce cu...  =  to bear a likeness to...
a aduce cu...  =  to have a certain analogy with...
a aduce de departe cu...  =  to have a distant resemblance to...
a i se aduce ceva la cunoştinţă  =  to be informed about smth.
a i se aduce ceva la cunoştinţă  =  to gain intelligence of smth.
mi s-a adus la cunoştinţă ...  =  I was apprised of...
a aduce nenoroc (a fi piază rea)  =  to forebode evil
războaiele aduc mari nenorociri  =  wars bring/cause great calamities
războaiele aduc mari nenorociri  =  great misfortunes attend wars
nu s-a putut aduce nimic împotriva lui  =  nothing could be proved against him
a aduce noroc  =  to bring good luck
a aduce ocară (cuiva)  =  to reflect discredit on...
a aduce ocară (cuiva)  =  to be a discredit on ...
a aduce ocară (cuiva)  =  to bring disgrace/shame (up)on...
a aduce pagubă cuiva  =  to be detrimental to smb., to cause injury to smb.
adă-mi pălăria  =  fetch me my hat
adă-mi pălăria  =  go for my hat
vântul aduce ploaie  =  the wind brings rain
marfa a adus preţ bun  =  the wares fetched a good price
a aduce profit  =  to bring/yield/produce profit
a aduce profit  =  to be profitable
a aduce (un) răspuns  =  to bring an answer
a aduce (un) răspuns  =  to bring word
a aduce rod  =  to bear/yield fruit
a aduce supărare  =  to cause (a great deal of) annoyance
a aduce supărare  =  to cause trouble
ce te aduce aici ?  =  what brought you here ?
ce te aduce aici ?  =  what have you come about ?
ce te aduce aici ?  =  what wind blows you here ?
doctoria nu mi-a adus nici o uşurare  =  the medicine has not brought me any relief
a aduce vorba despre... (a menţiona, a pomeni)  =  to mention...
a aduce vorba despre (a atinge)  =  to touch upon...

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