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You have searched the word « fac ». This is the derivată form for the word « face ».


Verb tranzitiv
1. (mai ales în sensul concret)

to make

2. (mai ales în sens abstract)

to do

3. (a săvârşi, a făptui)

to do

4. (a comite)

to commit

5. (a executa)

to perform


to effect

7. (a fabrica)

to make


to manufacture

9. (a reda)

to make

10. (a reda)

to render

11. (a crea)

to make


to create

13. (a naşte)

to make


to give birth to

15. rar

to bear

16. (a rodi)

to make


to bear


to yield


to produce

20. (a găti)

to make

21. (a găti)

to cook

22. (a pregăti)

to prepare

23. (a construi)

to make


to build

25. (a forma)

to build up


to form

27. (a compune)

to compose

28. (a compune)

to write

29. (a desena)

to draw

30. (a schimba în)

to change into

31. (a numi)

to call

32. (a porecli)

to nickname

33. (a numi într-o funcţie)

to make


to appoint

35. (a se ocupa cu)

to be engaged in

36. (a agonisi)

to earn

37. (a înmagazina)

to store

38. (a învăţa)

to learn

39. (a încheia un tratat etc.)

to conclude

40. (a avea importanţă)

to matter

41. (a zice)

to say

Verb reflexiv
1. pas.

to be made etc.

2. (a deveni)

to become


to grow


to turn

5. (a se preface)

to pretend


to feign

7. (a i se părea)

to seam

8. (a se întâmpla)

to be


to happen


to come about

11. (a se apropia)

to (draw) near

Verb intranzitiv
1. (a merita)

to be worth

2. (a costa)

to cost

3. (a face în total)

to be in all


to amount to

a i se face foame  =  to be hungry
a i se face sete  =  to be thirsty
aşa se face  =  that's how it's done
nu se face (nu se cade)  =  it isn't proper
a face ordine  =  to put in order
nu mai ştiu ce fac  =  I am at my wits' end
ce face?  =  what?
ce face?  =  what's that?
n-am ce face  =  I have no choice (in the matter)
n-am ce face  =  I can't help it
n-am ce-ţi face  =  I can't help you
ce se poate face?  =  what can be done?
ce facem astăzi?  =  what shall we do (with ourselves) to-day?
ce ţi-a făcut?  =  what (harm) has he done to you?

Expresii generale
ce faci (acum)?  =  what are you doing?
ce faci (acum)?  =  what are you at?
ce mai faci?  =  how are you (getting on)?
a face ceva din nimic  =  to make smth. out of nothing
a face ce vrea fig.  =  to have one's own way
a face ce vrea fig.  =  to dispose of everything
a face ce vrea fig.  =  to have the upper hand in everything
poţi faci din el ce vrei  =  one may dispose of him as one pleases
ce vrei  =  do as you like
a-şi face o haină  =  to have a coat made
l-a făcut bine  =  he cured/restored him to health
l-a făcut fericit  =  she made him happy
l-a făcut pe fiul său doctor  =  he made a doctor of his son
l-am făcut citească  =  I made him read
copilul se face mare  =  the child is growing up
nu se face (nu se cade)  =  it isn't done
ce o fac?  =  what is to become of me?
nu ştiu ce fac cu el  =  I/one can do nothing with him
s-a făcut!  =  all right!
s-a făcut!  =  (that's) settled!
s-a făcut!  =  it's a go!
s-a făcut! com.  =  that's a bargain!
se făcu o mare tăcere  =  there was a great silence
a se face bine (d. bolnavi)  =  to recover
a se face e bolnav  =  to sham illness
a se face e bolnav  =  to pretend to be ill
se făceau nu ne văd  =  they pretended not to see us
a se face de râs  =  to make oneself ridiculous
a se face de râs  =  to make a fool of oneself
a se facefrumoasă  =  to smarten oneself up
se face frumos  =  the weather is turning fair
a se face nevăzut  =  to vanish
a se face nevăzut  =  to make oneself scarce
se face noapte  =  night is setting in/coming on
se face noapte  =  it is growing/getting dark
a se face stăpân  =  to make oneself master
a se face temut  =  to make oneself feared/an object of fear
se face târziu  =  it grows/is getting late
se face ziuă  =  the day is dawning/breaking
l-au făcut general  =  they made/appointed him general
a-şi face o lege din...  =  to make a strict rule of...
tu m-ai făcut fericit  =  you made/rendered me happy
tâmplarul face mobile  =  the joiner makes furniture
a nu face nimic  =  to do nothing, to idle away one's time
a face din zi noapte  =  to turn day into night
ţi-ai făcut-o singur (cu mâna ta)  =  it's a bird of your own hatching
ţi-ai făcut-o singur (cu mâna ta)  =  you brought it (all) on yourself
e un om în stare facă orice  =  he is a man capable of everything
e un om în stare facă orice  =  he is fit for everything
a face patul  =  to make the bed
a-şi face un prieten din cineva  =  to make a friend of smb.
a-şi face un prieten din cineva  =  to befriend smb.
a face rău  =  to do wrong/evil
îmi face rău  =  it sickens me
ai face mai bine pleci  =  you had better go
nu-ţi mai face sânge rău  =  you need not trouble yourself on that account
te face te gândeşti la fel de fel de lucruri  =  it makes one think of all sort of things
a-şi face toaleta  =  to dress oneself
a face tot ce-i stă în putinţă  =  to do one's best/utmost
a face tot ce-i stă în putinţă  =  to move heaven and earth
n-o fac una ca asta  =  I shall do nothing of the sort
a face la/spre...  =  to make for...
5 ori 4 fac 20  =  5 times 4 is 20
cum face câinele?  =  what does the dog say?
"dinte" face la plural "dinţi"  =  "tooth" makes "teeth" in the plural
20 şilingi fac o liră  =  twenty shillings make a pound
aşa face el  =  that's his way of doing things
cât face?  =  how much does it cost?
cât face în total?  =  what does the sum total amount/come to ?
a face pe clovnul  =  to set up for a jester
a face pe generosul  =  to show off as a generous man
a face pe importantul  =  to assume an air of importance
a face pe nebunul  =  to play the fool
a face pe nebunul  =  to play the giddy goat
a face pe savantul  =  to set up for a learned man
a face pe stăpânul  =  to play the master
ce are a face?  =  what does it matter?
ce are a face?  =  it doesn't matter
ce e de făcut acum?  =  what's to be done now?
a-şi face unghiile  =  to pare/clean one's nails
a-şi face de lucru  =  to be busy
a-şi face de lucru  =  to potter/tinker about
a face de râs  =  to turn smb. into ridicule
a face de râs  =  to disgrace
a face de râs  =  to put smb. to shame
nu face  =  it is not worth while
nu face nici doi bani, nu face cât o ceapă degerată  =  it isn't worth a farthing/rap
ai ai de-a face cu el  =  you will have to deal with him
ai ai de-a face cu el  =  you will have him down on you
trebuie faci altfel  =  you must manage that differently
cum vrei  =  do as you like
la stânga  =  turn round to the left
a i se face de...  =  to have a mind to...
căsătoria se va face curând  =  the marriage will soon take place
nu se face (nu se cade)  =  it isn't (quite) the thing
nu se face (nu se cade)  =  such things are simply not done

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