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Verb tranzitiv

to speak

2. (a rosti)

to utter

3. (a spune)

to say

Verb reflexiv

to make an arrangement with smb.

2. (a unelti)

to plot, to scheme


to make an appointment with smb.

Verb intranzitiv
1. (cu)

to speak (to)

2. (a sta de vorbă) (cu)

to talk (to/with)

3. (a pleda)

to plead

4. (a ţine un discurs)

to make/deliver a speech

5. (a sta de vorbă) (cu)

to converse (with)

a vorbi de(spre)...  =  to speak/talk of/about...
în general vorbind  =  generally/broadly/roughly speaking
la drept(ul) vorbind  =  truth to say, as a matter of fact, frankly speaking
acum vorbeşte cu totul altfel  =  he talks in quite a different tone/strain now
toată lumea vorbeşte despre asta  =  it is the general talk of the town
toată lumea vorbeşte despre asta  =  it is in everybody's mouth
vorbim despre altceva  =  let us change the subject
cum vorbim despre asta...  =  as we are on the subject...
a vorbi în faţa unei adunări  =  to address a meeting
faptele care vorbesc în favoarea lui...  =  the facts which tell/argue in his favour...
a vorbi în glumă  =  to jest, to joke, to kid
a vorbi în public  =  to speak in public, to speechify
a vorbi în vânt  =  to speak to no purpose, to waste words
a vorbi pe larg despre ceva  =  to discuss a matter at some lenght
a vorbi pe nas  =  to speak through the nose, to (have a nasal) twang
a vorbi afectat  =  to put it on (thickly) to gild the lily
a vorbi aiurea  =  to talk incoherently/irrationally, to rave
a vorbi aiurea fig.  =  to talk at random, to talk through one's hat
vorbeşte degeaba/în zadar  =  you speak in vain, you speak to no purpose
vorbeşte mai departe  =  go on (talking), carry on
a vorbi deschis/fără înconjur  =  to speak one's mind (out), to speak out (bluntly/boldly)
a vorbi englezeşte stricat  =  to speak broken English
a vorbi liber  =  to speak openly
a vorbi liber  =  to speak extempore, to extemporize
a face se vorbească mult despre sine  =  to cause a great stir (in the world)
a face se vorbească mult despre sine  =  to create/make a sensation
a vorbi mult  =  to talk a great deal
a vorbi peltic  =  to stutter, to stammer, to lisp, to lallate
a vorbi rar  =  to speak slowly, to be slow of speech
a vorbi romaneşte cu cineva  =  to speak Rumanian to smb.
a vorbi romaneşte cu cineva fig.  =  to speak plain English to smb.
a vorbi romaneşte cu cineva fig.  =  to give smb. a piece of one's mind
a face pe cineva vorbească  =  to work secrets out of smb.
îţi vine uşor vorbeşti  =  it is easy for you to talk (like that)
se vorbeşte ...  =  they/people say that...
se vorbeşte ...  =  it is being said/reported/rumoured/given out that...
se vorbeşte ...  =  the story/rumour goes that...
se vorbeşte vrea devină actor  =  there is some talk of his intending to become an actor
se vorbeşte mult despre el  =  he is much being spoken of
se vorbeşte mult despre el  =  he is much (being) talked about
a vorbi de bine pe cineva  =  to speak smb. fair
a vorbi de bine pe cineva  =  to speak well of smb.
a vorbi de rău pe cineva  =  to speak/talk ill of smb., to speak evil of smb.
a vorbi de rău pe cineva  =  to slander/libel/vilify smb.

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