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Verb intranzitiv
1. (în diferite sensuri)

to go

2. (pe jos)

to walk

3. (a păşi)

to step

4. (în marş)

to march

5. (a se îndrepta)

to repair

6. (a se mişca)

to move

7. (a se mişca)

to stir

8. (a trece)

to pass

9. (cu un vehicul)

to drive

10. (cu un vehicul)

to ride

11. (călare)

to ride

12. (d. lucruri)

to go

13. (d. lucruri)

to work

14. (d. lucruri)

to act

15. (d. puls)

to beat

16. (d. monede)

to be current

17. (d. afaceri)

to go on (well)

18. (a se duce)

to go

19. (a pleca)

to leave

20. (a pleca)

to set out

21. (a se vinde)

to be on demand

22. (a fi nevoie)

to be necessary

Verb tranzitiv

to go

a merge cu...  =  to go with...
(a însoţi)  =  to accompany
a merge (cu un vehicul)  =  to go by...
(a se potrivi cu)  =  to suit...
(a se potrivi cu)  =  to belong with...
a merge pe (20 ani)  =  to be nearly... years old
a merge pe (20 ani)  =  to be rising/coming (twenty)
a merge pâna la...  =  to go as far as...
a merge (d. ape)  =  to run into...
ceasul nu merge  =  the watch does not go
ceasul tău merge prea repede  =  your watch is fast
ceasul tău merge prea repede  =  your watch goes too fast
ceasul tău merge prea repede  =  your watch goes too fast
a merge prea departe  =  to go too far
a merge prea departe  =  to over-shoot the mark
a merge prea departe  =  to come it too strong
a merge încet  =  to walk slowly
a merge mai încet  =  to slacken one's pace
a merge mai repede  =  to hasten/quicken one's step/pace
a merge repede  =  to put one's best leg/foot first/foremost/forward
nu mai pot merg  =  I have disabled myself (from walking)
mergem!  =  let us go!
mergem!  =  let us be going!
mergem!  =  let us be gone!
mergem!  =  let us away!
merge!  =  O.K.!
merge!  =  all serene!
cum merge?  =  how are things?
cum merge?  =  how is it?
cum merge?  =  how goes it?
nu merge!  =  that won't do!
nu merge!  =  that's no go!
vedem cum o meargă  =  let us try how it will do
a-i merge în toate  =  to carry all before one
îi merge prost  =  things take a bad turn with him
îi merge prost (d. bolnavi)  =  he is in a bad way
îi merge prost (face afaceri proaste)  =  he is not going on well
îi merge bine  =  he is thriving
îi merge aşa şi aşa  =  he is pretty midaling
cum îţi merge?  =  how goes the world with you?
cum îţi merge?  =  how does the world use you?
cum îţi merge? (unui bolnav)  =  how do you feel?
cum îţi merge? (unui bolnav)  =  how do you find yourself?
lasă lucrurile să-şi meargă drumul lor  =  let matters drift
lasă lucrurile să-şi meargă drumul lor  =  let things slide
ceasul tău nu merge bine  =  your watch is wrong/not right
îi merge gura ca o moară (neferecată)  =  his tongue is hung in the middle and wags at both ends
lucrurile mergeau mai bine  =  things were looking brighter
maşina merge  =  the machine is going/at work
tramvaiele merg noaptea?  =  are the trams in operation by night?
pe unde mergem?  =  which way shall we go?
a merge pâna acolo încât ...  =  to go so far as to...

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